Island Energy Systems is a supplier of solar, wind and micro-hydro electric systems based on Orcas Island in Washington State.   We provide complete integrated system packages, custom designed and configured for your application and shipped to you anywhere in the world with all of the parts needed to complete a high quality code compliant installation.   We provide friendly and knowledgeable customer service and technical support before and after the sale.

We are a young company, founded in the summer of 2008.  Stay tuned to this blog and the website to watch us work towards our goal of solar empowerment for the people.


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  1. I wish to purchase and install a solar lighting system in a rural health clinic in Kenya. I would like to operate up to 18 florescent self ballasted lamps and a small refrigeration unit for medicines. The nearest electricity is some 3 miles away. Kenya operates on 220/240 volt system. Our organization is Hands Up Out of Poverty

      1. we haven’t got all the funds collected yet based on our guesstimate, however the LED lighting you mention is interesting if it can be purchased locally.

        Would you give us an estimate of total costs, including panels, batteries, monitoring equipment, wiring, fixtures, switches etc.

        Our project is at St. Paul’s Mundindi Methodist Clinic about 2 kms outside of Ugunja which is on the Kisumu – Busia Rd, about 65 kms NW of Kisumu.

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