Posted by: Eric Youngren | May 7, 2010

Nice video of the Reynolds system in Snohomish with pics from Guinea-Bissau

I just saw this video on the Snohomish PUD website that highlights Herb and Martha Reynolds’ grid-tied PV system that we installed last summer at their home in Snohomish, Washington.   At the end of the video there are also some of my pictures of the FLAME system in Guinea-Bissau.  (also one random picture of a PV array in Tanzania that they must have grabbed from this blog)

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  1. I saw one of your videos on youtube. A house that was used for year round living was fitted with solar panals. I was curious as to what appliances were available to the homeowners with that particular set-up? Thanks.

    • Hi Brett. That PV system in the YouTube video runs lights, one laptop, modem/router, stereo and occasional TV/DVD on a regular basis, and the inverter has enough power to run a vacuum cleaner, Staber clothes washer and power tools once a week or so. They are super conscious of their energy usage but even so they have to run the generator a bit in the winter to keep the batteries fully charged.

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