Solar Power To The People

Solar Power To The People

Check out this slideshow of pictures from Africa.  I tried to embed the video but WordPress would not let me, so the link will take you to the Solar Empowerment Network to see the video. Shown are installation photos from our FLAME installation in Guinea Bissau, a SolarAid project on a primary school in Tanzania and pictures of SolarAid’s Sunny Money microsolar product.   The music is the Black Eyed Peas singing a John Lennon song.


One thought on “Solar Power To The People

  1. Good Evening,

    I loved reading about all the progress we are making in Africa with Solar energy. I know we have a long way to go but we are all just now starting to understand the great benefits our sun offers.
    I currently live in NH, USA, but my family owns the North American University in Benin, West Africa. My father is the founder and I plan on going back to live in Africa indefinitely. I want to introduce solar energy as a means of providing dependent electricity for our school. Please offer any information on training or workshops available. I have been browsing the net and so far what I found offers training on systems that best fit our homes in the states, but I want to learn about what works best for Africa. I hope to hear from you, thank you again for all of your great work.

    A. Daisy Jobarteh

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