Introducing the Treecharger

The Treecharger
The Treecharger

Introducing the Treecharger from Island Energy Systems

A complete solar electric energy system designed to be installed on a single tree. For camp and home sites located under the shade of tall trees.

Minimalist electric power system for lighting, battery charging, home entertainment devices, electronics, super-efficient refrigeration, small water pumps and more.

Power system enclosure pictured available with 600, 1200 or 1500 Watt inverter/charger and 220 Amp-Hour sealed battery. Approximately 1.5 useable kiloWatt hours of stored electricity.

Powerful DC-AC battery charger allows for quick recharging with generator or grid power during times of low solar input or high electric consumption.

The Photovoltaic (PV) module(s) are mounted in the sun at the top of a large tree with the battery and inverter/charger power system in a rainproof enclosure bolted to the base of the tree.

Weatherproof outdoor AC receptacles to plug in extension cords, or hardwire one AC load circuit in conduit or direct burial cable. An accessory shelf with 115 VAC and 12 VDC receptacles provides a space for battery chargers and gadgets of all types to be stored inside the lockable enclosure while charging from the sun.

“Plug and Play” modular connectors on the PV array wiring make the solar wiring installation foolproof. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge control electronics allow a higher voltage PV array to charge a 12 Volt battery more efficiently using smaller diameter wires. A battery amp-hour meter and inverter remote on/off switch are included for installation in an accessible and/or indoor location.

We recommend hiring an experienced tree climber or licensed arborist to assist with the installation of the PV array.

Choose your tree carefully. PV arrays of between 50 to 500 Watts are possible on a single tree mount rack, but don’t push your luck with too big of a panel in too small of a tree. Trees are living things of course and cannot be guaranteed not to fail. We recommend a max of 200 Watts of PV per rack, with multiple racks in multiple trees for larger energy requirements.

Plug in to the sun with a Treecharger.


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